26 Super Mario Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Super Mario Piranha Plant Puppet

Super Mario Piranha Plant Hand Puppet -$15

Is anyone else as obsessed with Mario Party as I am? This is as good an excuse as I can come up with to have a look at some of the various Mario related stuff that I wouldnt mind finding under my Christmas tree this year. Hint hint hubby. Onward to the veritable jamboree of Mario related gifts, a Mario Party we might even call it.

We won’t though, that just seems crass.

mario earrings

Nintendo Earrings – $15 to $35

The amazing Etsy seller lizglizz makes some fantastic earrings, not just of the Mario variety, be sure to have a look at her other offerings as well.

Now what makes a night of Mario Party even better? Provided you are over 21, alcohol!

super mario flask

Super Bar Hop Bros Flask – $20


mario pipe shot glasses

Mario Pipe Shot Glasses – $15

mario shot glasses

Mario Shot Glasses – $9 Individually

Mario likes a responsible drink or two.

coin box mug

Coin Box Mug – $26

super mario thwomp pillow

12″ Thwomp Pillow – $21


Super Mario Plushies

More Plushies – from $7 to $20

How about some actual Mario Board Games so you can have an actual Mario Party!

Super Mario Board Game

Super Mario Level Up Board Game $20

Super Mario Level Up is a simple yet fun board game. Suitable for kids from around 5 and up, it’s an interesting enough game to keep mom and dad interested as well as the kids. Rounds generally last from about ten minutes to around half an hour.

Another board game comes up next in our list but needs no introduction. Apart from this one I guess.

Mario Monopoly

 Mario Monopoly – $22

Uno probably doesn’t need an introduction either. U know, apart from this one I guess

super mario uno

Super Mario Uno $6

Actually, here’s a thought, why not take this 28 piece statue set, and use them as board pieces for any board game. Normal monopoly easily turns into Mario monopoly with a 2 inch Mario action figurine.

nintendo action figurines

28 Piece set of Nintendo Action Figurines $20

Actually, scratch that, it appears that Waluigi is in fact NOT included. I’ll keep this included in the list simply because the product description included the line “perfect gift for any super Mary fan” and that made me lol.

Goomba Beanie

Goomba Beanie  – $26

mario and luigi hats

Mario and Luigi Hats – $17

One size fits all adults and kids. Even if you have an abnormally sized head like Mario himself.

mario cappy hat

Mario Cappy Hat -$25

Ok, enough head-wear. How about some stuff for the house!

coin box plush

Coin Box Plush – $12 

By the way science has proven that Bowser has the best dice so anyone who tells you other wise is lying, especially those dirty shy guy pickers.

mario night light

7 color LED night light – $18

mario cookie cutter

Mario Cookie Cutters – $5

mario cock clock

Mario Silhouette Clock – $26

Was that 26? Close enough. Like, comment, subscribe. Tell us what you want to see under your tree this Christmas. Say hi to your mom for me. Tell her I miss her. Ask her for a Nintendo for Christmas.

I’ll come clean. This was originally a post about Mario Odyssey that I started last year when that was released. As soon as I got my hands on the game I completely forgot I was writing an article about it, until I checked my drafts a couple weeks ago. So I have re-purposed an old half forgotten article into something beautiful. Recycle, reuse, love your environment.

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