NES Cartridge Drinking Flask – Drunk Hunt

NES Cartridge Drinking Flask - Drunk Hunt

Drunk Hunt is the game we should all be playing this christmas. Not literally mind you, don’t go hunting drunks down.

Ink Whiskey has a fantastic range of nes cartridge flasks. Makes you all nostalgic and shit, and seeing as how none of us could get a mini NES this will have to do.

I’m still pissed at you for that Nintendo.

There are a good number of other cartridge covers available, including a Zelda, and others. Zelda is my jam though so I can’t be bothered listing the others. I assure you they do exist though. Fine, don’t take my word for it, check out the rest of the range Here.

legend of zelda drink nintendo flask

Zelda, Its my Jam.


1 thought on “NES Cartridge Drinking Flask – Drunk Hunt”

  1. Zelda says:

    oh man i need this

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