The 6 Best Hodor Doorstops

for less than $26

Let us help Hodor hold the door.

wooden hodor doorstop

We will start off with a nice simple wooden door stop, for only $15.

hodor door stops wooden

That wasn’t too hard, but now we move on from just his a doorstop holding his name (hodor) to actually seeing his majestic face burnt into the wood. A fine doorstop, but one that may well make you cry for $15 

hodor door stop 3d printed

Wiping the tears away we find this 3d printed door stop is only $13

3d printed hodor doorstop

But these 3d printed hodor doorstops have that brave beautiful hodor head mounted on them may bring the tears back.  $18

hodor hold the door door stop

Something a little bit different with this simple 3d printed design. They are available in over half a dozen colours so you can match it to your house colors. These are just $14 

game of thrones door stopper

This slightly more general one has his name on top and the star direwolf on the side, as a reminder to the house that he so bravely held the door for. It runs very close to our arbitrary and ind increasingly restrictive limit of $26


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