LeBron James Action Figure

lebron action figurine

NBA Heroes LeBron James Action Figure

On the Basketball Court he is a Superstar. Off Court he turns into a Metallic Hero who blasts evildoers with his giant balls.

7 inches tall, wearing a gorgeous Cavs jersey,  and rocking  a full 21 points of articulation, LeBron has never looked better. That is until you find his longshot attachment which allows him to blast his balls at people.

You heard me.

According to the box “he is strong like steel but fast as a train!”. Sounds like something that should be on the Russian release of the Ivan Drago action figure, not LeBron. Although the good news is that if we need someone to save us from the Russian menace today we wont have to dig Rocky up. There is a new all American hero in town and he can shoot 3’s.

A LeBron action figure that shoots balls for $12, what more do you really need to hear?

lebron action figure

Pictured: LeBron propelling a ball towards Miami fans leaving the stadium early.


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