26 Star Wars Christmas Decorations

Plus a couple more.

All for under $26.

Hallmark and Sketchbook Ornaments. From $10 to $26

star wars ornaments

Ornaments are a great start, but now we need to light that tree up ($20ish)


That should be enough to light the house sufficiently, lets get dressed.

Ugly Christmas Shirt $20

star wars ugly christmas shirt

As someone originally from Australia where they have a Summer Christmas and Christmas Sweaters just cant be a thing, these were literally perfect gifts for my family.

But I’m in New York these days so I still need me an Ugly Christmas Sweater ($26).

star wars ugly chirstmas sweater

Star Wars Snow Flake Ornaments $13

star wars christmas decorations

If these are unavailable by the time you see this as items on Etsy are want to do, our old mate Anthony Herrera also has some absolutely fantastic DIY Snowflakes available on his website with downloads and instructional videos that you should definitely check out.

Bead Ornaments $5

star wars bead ornaments

I desperately wanted to add a Death Star Bauble here but I couldn’t find one under $26 so we will have to make do with this Death Star Ice Mold ($24) to make our own out of chocolate or candy or something.

It also has the added bonus of being a good excuse to drink, and lord knows that Christmas makes me want to drink.


star wars christmas stockings

You have a wide choice for Star Wars Christmas Stockings, from an R2D2 with sound ($23), to your standard fluffy Chewbacca Stocking ($20), or a cute little Chewy Plush Head ($20).

 The last one is a good one. These Stockings can be personalized with a name of your choice for only $20.

Darth Vader Funko Pop Vinyl $15

darth vader pop vinyl star wars christmas

There are plenty of other Christmas themed Funkos available from around $10, be sure check out Amazon to find the perfect PoP for you.

star wars christmas funkos

Hallmark Resin Ornaments ($6)

Hallmark Star Wars Special Edition Resin Ornaments


Star Wars Cookie Cutters $23 Disclaimer: yours probably won’t look like this.


Star Wars Silicone Molds $18.

You could fill these with water and add an ice Droid to your whiskey or you could get fancy and make some chocolate Han Solos in carbonite and hang them from your tree. Ill probably just do the ice thing because I am lazy, but just think how great the chocolates would look on your tree!

star wars silicone molds


Star Wars Christmas Paper $16

star wars christmas paper

Because nothing says Star Wars Christmas like star wars christmas wrapping paper.

Yoda Santa Hat $21 It is the perfect daggy dad hat. So bad it’s good.

Yoda Santa Hat

To finish off with a classic we have Darth Vader wearing a cute little Christmas Hat ($20)

darth vader wearing a christmas hat

I hope you all have a happy time this holiday season and I hope we all have a great Force Awakens, a happy Festivus, and a Merry Christmas.

Now that the article is over I am allowed to cheat the $26 mark a little and add the greatest Star Wars Christmas Ornament in existence, this Light Up Yoda Christmas Tree Topper (3.5 times more than $26)

star wars yoda christmas tree topper

But to make up for cheating I give to you the greatest gift of all, a full copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special on Youtube in all its glory. Merry Force Awakensmas!


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