Skeleton Hand Hair Clips

Skelton Hand Hair CLips

doot doot


As Halloween approaches all kinds of skeletal stuff has been doing the rounds, but for the first time in a while something pretty fun and actually unique made me stop and pause.

These Skeleton hands (both left hands for some undoubtedly spooky reason) hold your hair up with flat or teethed alligator clips depending on your choice, and are spookalicious. Well, pretty neat at any rate.

On sale for a limited time over at Etsy, get in quick to get them for only $4.50. With a five star rating with over 1700 reviews, you can be sure that these little hands are firm yet gentle, strong but not too rough, and will hold your hair ever so tenderly when you are hoisted over a toilet bowl while the 3 million chocolates that you gorged on during Halloween make their way back up and out. Tricky treats indeed.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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