Fallout Vault Boy Shirt

Fallout Vault Boy Shirt

Its coming.

Fallout 4.

To celebrate I am going to be going ham on Fallout shirts and general Merch over the next couple of weeks, starting off with my favorite fallout shirt, the Simple thumbs up Vault Boy shirt.

If the above Thumbs up Vault boy isn’t to your Vault boy iking check out the Etsy Thumbs up Vault Boy Fallout shirt below.

fallout thumbs up vault boy shirt


Somewhere on earth there is a Vault Boy shirt that is right for you. We might have to sift through the rubble of an abandoned warehouse to find it, where it is for whatever reason hidden in a locker next to the radioactive toilets and only slightly used by the neighborhood ghouls, but we will find it.

November simply cannot come fast enough.

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