26 Game of Thrones Gifts for Under $26

Well it really sucks to be a Stark. To help ease us through the pain we have compiled a list of 26 Game of Thrones Gifts for men, women and children that are perfect for Christmas, Father’s Day, or just buying ourselves a present to starve off the long and lonely nights spent lying in bed sobbing because George R.R. Martin is a cruel and heartless bastard.

Toilet Decals $25

game of thrones toilet decal

Truly this is a Throne for Kings, get it here.

Mac Chess Decals $9

game of thrones chess decal

The Game of Thrones is much like a game of chess, only losing this game means the loser is shortened by a head length. This Mac decal is $9 well spent on livening up your boring old mac.

Vinyl Figures $11

Game of Thrones Vinyl Figurines

This is the only way that poor old Jon Snow will ever be reunited with his dad and Brother. Funnily enough the makers of these Vinyl Figurines have ensured that just as in the show, Tyrion is a wee bit smaller than the others. Check them out here for $11 each.

Hodor $15

hodor hodor hodor

Hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor Hodor.

Iphone Hard Case $14

Game of thrones gifts iphone 4 case

There are phone cases available for all the different houses.


Not Today Necklace $22

Game of Thrones Not Today Necklace

Not Today is what we say to death, and is by far and large my favorite sentiment from the show, perhaps as it is one of the few positive ones, wearing it on a necklace is a great way of keeping the message close to your heart.

Not Today Copper Ring $15

not today copper ring game of thrones

If a necklace is not quite your style, a copper ring perhaps might be. Get is for only $15.

House Cookie Cutters $24

game of thrones cookie cutters

Check out this store to find some of the best custom cookie cutters around including House Sigils and even Catelyn and Tyrion cookie cutters.

game of thrones tyrion lannister  cookie cutter

What could possibly be more delicious than Tyrion’s head?

Fire and Blood Mug $17

fire and blood mug GoT Gifts

Prove your Dragons blood by drinking piping hot coffee from your House Targaryen coffee mug.

We Do Not Sow House Greyjoy Mug $12

House Greyjoy We Do Not Sow Mug

Or prove your sheer Bastard-ness by showing your loyalty to the mighty Greyjoy house.

Playing Cards $7

Game of Thrones Playing Cards

These $6 playing cards have the faces of the various cast member from the show.

Vintage Cards $25

vintage game of thrones playing cards

These playing cards are also based on the TV show, and while they are $25, they are styled in a  much cooler vintage card manner.

Wine Glasses $15

Game of Thrones Wine GlassThese Wine Glasses are available for many of the different Houses. Although maybe the Lannisters shouldn’t be drinking much more win.

Heat Sensitive Travel Mug $25

GoT heat sensitive travel mug

These Heat Sensitive Travel Mugs start out black but show a map of Westeros when you fill them with hot water. Clever for letting the non Targaryens of the world know when they are about to burn their fingers off.

LittleFinger Mockingbird Pin $15

littlefinger mockingbird pin

Wear Littlefingers Mockingjay Pin and let people know that you might just be the most dangerous men in the country. Or a bit of a perv for younger daughters of your childhood crush. Seriously Petyr, thats messed up dude.

Faceless Man Coin $12

game of thrones_iron_coin_faceless_man

Valar Morghulis 


House Wine Sigils $25

game of thrones gift house_sigil_wine_charms

More than perhaps any other fantasy world, the world of Westeros is not a place where you want to get your wine glass mixed up with someone elses.

Joffrey Poster $14

joffrey target practice

Who hasn’t dreamt of killing this little bastard. Arya should stock up on these.

Magnetic Bookmarks $12

Game of Thrones Gifts Magnetic BookMarks

These Magnetic Bookmarks are a great gift for any show watchers that have started to read the books.

Hand of the King Pin $10

The-Hand-of-the-King-Pin- Game of Thrones

The second most important job in the country, after the judge on Westeros has got Talent is Hand of the King. Wear his pin with pride.

Winterfell Beer Labels $4

Game of Thrones Winterfell beer gift

These Winterfell Beer Labels are $4 for a packet of 9 labels, and there are plenty of other varieties available including Nightswatch Castleblack and Lannister Gold.

The Stallion Who Mounts the World Onesie $20

the stallion who mounts the world onsie

What more could a parent want than for their children to be the one prophesied to “Mount the world” Check out the sellers shop at etsy.

Lannister Banner $25

game of thrones gifts - lannister bannerShow off your filthy Lannister pride with this House Lannister Banner.

Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Necklace $20

game of thrones dragon egg necklace

 Be the Mother of Dragons without the pesky deal of having to have all your clothes burnt off in a raging inferno, and be sure to keep it in your very own…

Westeros Wooden Decoupage Box $26

game of thrones gifts westeros wooden box


Keep all your new Game of Thrones toys in this Westeros Decoupage box.

Winter is Coming Panties $15


winter is cumming game of thrones panties

Winter is Cumming. Are these better than the Robb Stark Panties? Its so hard to choose.

Robb Stark Panties


If none of these took your fancy, check out last years list of our favorite Game of Thrones Gifts here.

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