Harry Potter Lumos Nox Light Switch

Harry Potter Light Switch

These Harry Potter Lumos/Nox light switch decals are just the thing when it comes to lighting your room in a most magical manner. The stickers generally come as a set of two to arrange on your light switch or wall to suit your pleasing. The “Lumos” sticker measures in at 2.8″ wide x .7″ tall, and the “Nox” measures in at 2.1″ wide x .7″ tall.

The stickers are made well enough to last either indoors or out for up to 5 years. They can be put directly on your light switch, or wherever it is that takes your fancy, be it your wall, mirror, or owl cage. Potter up your house with a little bit of magic.

The stickers can be made in just about any color that your heart desires, so you can rest assured that whatever color scheme your room is in, be it Hufflepuff or Slytherin, you can match it to your decor. The link will take you to the major current sellers of this item on etsy, as these have a habit of selling out quickly

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