Skull Egg Shaper

SKull Egg Mold

eggamatic skull egg shaping moldThis Skull egg shaper, dubbed the Egg-a-Matic, is another in a long list of fun and unique items from Fred and Friends. It takes your regular, non interestingly shaped eggs, and turns them into something special.

All you have to do to skull up your eggs is take a freshly boiled egg before it starts to cool down and pop it in the egg mold, place the mold in cold water for a few minutes and bam,  you have your very own skull shaped eggs.

Making these isn’t particularly hard to figure out, but just in case we have included a video below that shows you just how to spice up your hard boiled eggs with this mold.

But be sure to remember this very important tip from the official website:

  • The egg mold works only after the outside shell of the egg has been removed

That’s right, don’t try and shape your boiled egg while it is still inside its shell…

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skull fried egg ring

For when you just cant get enough skull shaped eggs.

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