10 Unique Valentines Day Chocolates

Once again Valentines Day is upon us again and once again chocolates and flowers are the order of the day. But why buy the same old box of chocolates time after time, this year mix things up a little with one of these ten unique valentines day chocolates. Beware, the following article contains bugs and chili and asses. Oh my!

Sriracha Chocolate – $7.50

chocolate sriracha

Sriracha or as it is known in this household, rooster sauce, is the kind of rooster that you can’t help but punish your mouth with. It burns like hell but it burns so good, so why wouldn’t it make sense to combine the two best things in the world, chocolate and Sriracha sauce.

Chocolate Covered Bacon – $17


Crispy hickory smoked bacon smothered in delectable Ghiredelli milk chocolate. Chocolate covered Bacon, where salty meets sweet this Valentines day.

Wasabi Kit Kat – $25 wasabi kit kat

Wasabi flavoured Kit Kats – For when you want to give the love of your life chocolates, but you don’t want them to enjoy it.

Chocolate Hell – $7.30


Habanero Chocolate – How to break up with someone through the medium of chocolate.

They really aren’t kidding around when they tell you that this chocolate bar comes from a terrible place. The Chocolate bar from hell is packed to the gills with Habanero peppers. For some perspective on how hot these are, the Scoville scale rates the spicy heat of chili peppers. Sriracha sauce comes in at around 2200 Scoville Units. Habanero peppers come in between 200,000 to 300,000 Scoville Units.

Red Pepper Kit Kat – $15red pepper kit kat

If a Habanero burn is a little too much for you and your loved one to handle, and Wasabi isn’t up your alley, try a Kit Kat of a different variety, the Red Pepper Kit Kat. Caynenne pepper and chocolate is actually a nice taste.

Chocolate Insects –  $19 

chocolate dipped insects

How about this Valentines day, instead of boring old chocolate covered nuts, how about you present your love with some delicious chocolate covered larvae. Mmmmm.

A mix of white and milk chocolate covered larvae and crickets will win over even the most hard of hearts.

Chocolate Poo -$13

chocolate pooh

Because I am a child and Chocolate Poo made me giggle.


Chocolate Ass -$16.50

chocolate ass

If poo is funny then chocolate asses must be hilarious! Have your lover munch on your butt all day.

Chocolate Anus – $26

Edible Anus

Working our way down the ass we come to the anus. The Edible Anus was born of an art exhibit in 2006, from there came many disastrous attempts to try and bring these to retail, but then the edible anus legend tells of a chance meeting of a beautiful stranger at a bus stop offering her picture perfect anus to be cast for the making of the chocolates.

Constipating Chocolates – $20

constipating chocolates


Don’t worry, they aren’t really constipating unless you eat them in Hogwarts. These U-No-Poo candy covered chocolates come straight from Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter Parks gift shop.

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    That Chocolate Anus looks delicious.

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    That Chocolate Anus looks delicious.

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