Romantic Toilet Paper

Romantic Toilet Paper

If you have ever been in the uncomfortable position of having to apologise to someone’s ass for… whatever reason, rest assured that now you can do it the easy way. This toilet paper will let your loved ones know exactly how you feel.

The toilet paper reads “I love you from Top to Bottom”. I think you would pretty much have to to give someone a gift like this.

Scatological connotations aside, this is a fun and wonderfully unique gift to give your loved one for valentines day, birthday, or even to celebrate the unequivocal love that you surely must hold for your lovers bottom. You can feel fairly safe in assuming that no one else has ever proclaimed their love for your partners bottom in quite the same way. Hell, this could be used for just about any anniversary or gift giving situation.

Although, giving this a little more thought, maybe skip this one for mothers day.

Valentines Day toilet paper, because that area really deserves more presents than it get around this time of year.

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