26 Geeky Christmas Decorations

Decoration my house is one of the things I look forward to most during the Christmas season, and being a huge geek, I have decided to combine my passions and scour the Internet in order to find 26 of the most interesting and geekiest Christmas decorations for this holiday season,  and keeping with the theme of TwentySixDollars.com, all for under $26. More or less. Look, this list is from a few years ago and some prices have changed and screwed us. I’m sorry.

1. Geeky Stockings $20



These Geeky Stockings from TheGeekForge on etsy are sure to impress santa on his way down the chimney. Check them out Here.

But This Drunken Santa Stocking Flask will probably impress him more. Image result for Santa's Stocking Flask


2. 8 Bit Holiday Wreath $20



8 bit christmas wreath geeky christmas ornaments


The perfect accoutrement to the above 8 Bit Stocking , this 8 Bit Holiday Wreath  is a great way to be geeky yet festive.

3. TARDIS Christmas String Lights- $20

TARDIS STring lights christmas

Doctor Who up your christmas tree with these TARDIS string Lights.


4. Legend of Zelda Ornaments $1


zelda christmas ornaments

These gorgeous handmade Legend of Zelda Ornaments come with your choice of black or white ribbon, Woo!

5. Star Wars Ornaments $26

darth vader pop vinyl star wars christmas

Check out our list of 26 Star Wars decorations Here.


6. Mario Ornaments $22


Nntendo Christmas Decrations Geeky Christmas


These little Nintendo Christmas Ornaments are pretty cool, and a great way to geek up your Christmas tree.


This is a separate set for $23.


7. Mario’s Balls $20


100% just added these because I thought it was funny to have Marios Balls in the list.

8. Creeper Ornament $5

Minecraft Christmas Ornaments Featuring 5 Minecraft Ornaments with Pig, Sheep, Pickaxe, Zombie and Creeper, Ornaments Average 2 1/4 to 3 Inches Tall, Great for a Mini Christmas Tree


Depending on whether or not you want your tree blown up and showered in gunpowder, these MineCraft Creeper Ornaments from etsy were a nice way to ensure that your tree is protected from unwanted strangers that get within about 16 blocks of it, because that’s their range… boom, ok nevermind.

9. Space Invaders Wrapping Paper $4.50

space invaders wrapping paper geeky christmas


Why spend hours upon hours picking out the perfect gift for your loved ones and then wrapping them in boring old newspaper when you could be wrapping them in this awesome Space Invaders Wrapping Paper. It looks great, and what’s more, it tastes great too.


10. Christmas Tree Googly Eyes -$7



Personally, I find the idea of my Christmas Tree having great big googly eyes utterly hilarious. I am informed that a giant tree watching you while you sleep is in fact more creepy than geeky. Each to their own I guess.


11. Yoda Christmas Lights $22

yoda christmas lights geeky christmas

If you are doing a Star Wars themed Christmas tree, then these Yoda Christmas Lights are the perfect way to enlightenment, and a good way to keep the previous Storm-trooper ornaments in line.



12. Captain Kirk Christmas Lights – $20

Kirk Christmas Lights geeky


If Star Wars isn’t your thing then how about these Kirk Christmas Lights which will allow you to adorn your Christmas Tree with Kirk’s luminous presence.



13. Portal Companion Cube Lights – $25

Companion Cube Lights

 Or perhaps some Lights of the Portal Variety?


14. Weeping Angel Ornaments – 20


If at any point during the festive season you feel that your tree just isn’t terrifying enough, then these should do the trick. These Weeping Angels should ensure people stare at your tree for hours on end, not even blinking.


15. Spiderman Ornaments -$17

Spiderman Christmas Ornament

This Spiderman Ornament looks as if he is slinging through your tree, on the lookout for crime. I guess someone needs to protect Luigi from the Weeping Angels.

16. Superhero Ornament Set – $25

superhero ornaments geeky christmas


Rather than show your allegiance for just one superhero in particular, how about this set of six Super Hero Ornaments Set to show off your well roundedness in the superhero department.

17. Cunning Ornaments – $18

firefly hat geeky christmas


The Hero of Canton’s famous Cunning Hat should take a place of pride on any brown coat’s tree.


18. Captain Kirk All is in Command of your Tree – $15

Kirk in Chair Geeky Christmas Ornament

If I am to be perfectly honest, this doesn’t look much like Shatner at all, but I love the idea of having Kirk sitting in his Captains chair in the middle of my tree, issuing orders to Yoda and Spiderman. I still think it looks like he is sitting on the shitter.


19. Spock Santa Hat – $20

Star Trek Spock Santa Hat


If you prefer some Spock related festivities rather than Kirk, then this Spock Santa Hat, complete with sexy Vulcan ears should do the trick.

20.Zombie Santa – $20




Because nothing is sacred from Zombies, not even Santa.

21. Candy Cane Shot Glass – $11


Candy-Cane-Shot-Glass geeky christmas

Because the only thing that Santa loves getting more than some cookies and a carrot for his reindeer is a shot of the good stuff from a Candy Can Shotglass.



22. Pi Christmas Stocking – $17


pi stocking geeky christmas

This Pi Christmas Stocking  is a good way to ensure that you get 3.14 times the Christmas loot in your stocking.


23. Zombie Candy Cane – $15

Zombie-Candy-Cane- geeky Christmas-Ornament


Zombie Candy Canes.  For when you really really want to traumatize your children. Warning, much like actual Zombies these are coated with a tough urethane resin, can only be killed with a point-blank shotgun blast and are not edible.


24. Han Is a Murderer – $20

Star wars who shot first Christmas Decoration

Hallmark has done you a service by ensuring that your Christmas tree is bound to be a talking point when you include this Star Wars Christmas Ornament depicting one of the most controversial scenes from the Star Wars universe. Who shot first? Santa knows.



25. Holiday Invaders – $25


ugly sweater shirt geeky christmas

Ugly sweaters are so passé. The new trend is dressing your kids up in ugly shirts and then taking as many photos as you can for future blackmail use.  This Geeky Christmas Shirt with a robot fighting Godzilla certainly fits the bill.


26. A Caganer Christmas – $21



dalai lama taking a shit



Why yes, you are not mistaken, that is His Holiness the 14th Dalia Lama taking a shit. But wait, it gets better.

This is easily my new favorite Christmas tradition. In Catalonia they celebrate Christmas like many others. They put up tree’s, decorations and nativity scenes. But their Nativity scenes have one small difference that makes them oh so unique. It is Catalonian tradition to include a Caganer your nativity scene. The Caganer is a figurine that is the act of taking a shit. You can’t make this stuff up.  Caganer.com is the place to go to find your favorite celebrity in the most vulnerable of positions, including Obama, Hilary, Queen Elizabeth, Einstein and even Ghandi.



Weeping Angel Tree Topper


weeping angel tree topper geeky christmas

This was the image that started the whole idea for this article. Someone sent us this gorgeous tree via email asking where you can buy a Doctor Who Weeping Angel Tree Topper, and after a detailed search of the entire Internet I can sadly tell you that you can’t. The best I could find was this guide to make your own Weeping Angel Tree Topper. So start collecting your kids Barbie dolls now, so you can deface them utterly and turn them into one of the most perfect killers ever to have existed. Fun!

Or just be lazy like me and get the weeping angel ornament for under a 20.





Bonus Decorations

classic video game controller ornaments

Classic Controllers Ornaments $20

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