Darth Vader Bottle Opener

Star Wars Darth Vader BOttle Opener

Ok, so here’s what I would normally do for an item of this nature, I would sit down and have a bit of a think about some of the most famous quotes to come out of the characters mouth, and I would then shoe-horn that quote in at the start of the article and then use a bad segue to start describing the item in question. But I have decided that I am better than that, I shall use bad those easy, lazy, writing habits no more. Oh you don’t believe me? I find your lack of faith… disturbing.

Shit. Well, if you cant beat em…

“I find your lack of a bottle opener disturbing!” Let the dark lord of the Sith Darth Vader, always be by your side ready to open you a beverage when you most need it. Like having a little drink Sith in your pocket.

This Darth Vader Bottle Opener has magnets on the back for easy hanging on the fridge, so you might never lose your Vader again.

I feel so dirty.

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