Cthulhu Dice

cthulhu dice

All hail the great old one, may his flabby claws always roll sixes.

This Cthulhu die made by a very clever Etsy seller  has a “carved”appearance of the betentacled Elder God himself. Each side of the die features a different side of his body, with his face on the six.

We are assured that these are also balanced. The seller does tell us though that  “I wouldn’t take it to Vegas or anything, but I went to great lengths to ensure that it rolls evenly, making constant adjustments as I worked on the prototype. The final test involved 200 rolls from a dice cup filled with 4 other dice.”  So poor old Cthulhu might be kept out of Nevada, but he is more than welcome in your living room to really add an element of “neat die, now what did I roll?” to your next board game night.

Also be sure to check pout the rest of the shop, and in particular these Dragon Dice.

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