Whiskey Flavored Lube

whiskey dick whiskey flavored lube

Those gloriously disgusting idiots over at epicmealtime are the absolute masters of the unnecessary. Their Youtube channel consists of hours upon hours of footage of people consuming more calories in one sitting than any normal healthy person should in a year. Now they have gifted the world with another unnecessary yet glorious creation, Whiskey Flavoured Lube.

This is probably my favorite product description that I have ever written for this website. Whiskey Dick Whiskey Flavored Lube is hand crafted, water based, and unashamedly American. The whiskey that the lubricant contains is a 4 year old white oak cask whiskey and by all accounts utterly delicious.

Word to the wise, this is what is known as a pure drinking whiskey, and should be treated as such. For starters, don’t add ice, don’t chug it down all in one gulp, and for god sake whatever you do don’t mix it with coke.

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