Despicable Me 2 Monopoly


Brought to you by those Despicable people over at Hasbro, this is the classic property trading, hotel hoarding, family breaking game of Monopoly, now with minions!

despicable me 2 monopoly


Evil mastermind Gru has returned with yet another evil plan and it’s up to you to collect Banana Bucks and buy up all of the properties before he can succeed.

Spin the Minion Spinner to move your very own little minion(which double as fantastic little action figure for later) around the board and wheel and deal to win the most devilishly fiendish Monopoly game ever!

The perfect game for your kids, not only will they be able to play the classic Monopoly game that generations have grown up loving, but they will be able to do it in a most Despicable manner.

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