Freeze Your Own Shot Glass

Freeze Your Own Shot Glasses

FINALLY, the power exists for me to make my own edible shot glasses. I have waited so long good lord, thank you for providing.

This 4 glass mold is made from food safe silicone and easily allows you to hold the power of creation in your hands. You fill it with water, juice, pee pee, whatever your heart desires, pop it in the freezer and then simply twist it out when it is set for four perfectly shaped shot glasses. Just make sure you don’t drink from the pee pee one. Unless you are into that kind of thing.

fred cool shooters

Let your imagination run free while you try and make as many different kinds of frozen shot glasses as you can. Melted Jolly Ranchers – Brilliant. Gummy Shot Glasses – Brilliant. Soapy Water –  Fantastic for that bitch that you hate. You can see the endless possibilities here…

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