Super Mario Candy Box


Its-a-Me, Mario! Everyones favorite overweight mustachioed Italian plumber Mario has spent countless hours searching for these candies, through sandy deserts, snow capped mountains, even going so far as to crawl the length of the sewers with his brother, just to get a fix of these candies. Poor fellow, someone should really let him know that you can get them for $7 from Amazon. Although that would probably leave Nintendo’s next release, “Super Mario and the Trip to the Mailbox” somewhat lacking.

Sadly Mario, I have some bad news for you, these Candies are less than delicious, by which I mean they are ok, but not murder thousands of innocent turtles to get 100 delicious. But the box is cool, so there’s that.

If the Question Mark Box doesn’t take your fancy then how about a Red Mushroom candy box.

nintendo mario brothers red mushroom candy

Or if you aren’t into hard drugs then maybe a Super Star Candy will scratch that itch.

super star nintendo candy box



Or how about a Bob-omb for under $2?

bobomb nintendo candies

Or the only thing better than a single Bob-omb candy, A box of 12 Bob-omb candies for $18!

box of bob omb candies


So long-a Bowser.

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