N64 USB Controller

N64 USB Controller

Almost 20 years on and the N64 is still regarded by many as one of the best consoles ever. Sadly, almost 20 years on there are few remaining working consoles for us to relive our favorite childhood memories of playing Mario 64 and Goldeneye.

Emulator fans among us will know the ecstasy of get our favorite old games working only to know very quickly the agony of trying to set them up to work with our current gaming controllers or even worse, out mouse and keyboard. The N64 USB Controller is here to save the day, and countless hours trying to configure others controllers correctly.

Just remember, even 20 years on the rules haven’t changed one bit. NO ODJOB!

You may have a few issues getting the controller setup and all buttons and the D-Pad working correctly, so here is a quick guide to get it set up and working.

This was written with the emulator called Project64 in mind. It is generally considered to be the best N64 emulator around, but at first after simply plugging in the controller the D-Pad may not be working

What you may need to do is download a free plugin called N-rage. Place the plugin in the Plugin folder(Project64 2.0\Plugin\1.6 Plugin). Inside Project64, go to Options, Settings, Plugins, and in the Input (controller) Plugins dropdown menu, and then choose N-rage.

Go to Options, and Configure Controller Plugin. It still wouldn’t read my D-pad. Now go to the Devices tab and under the device drop down menu (in GamePad) and choose USB Vibration Joystick.

You should now be able to set the D-pad, but things still may not work and you may get this error message:

Error creating Mempak!
The MemPak Directory doesn’t exist!

Create Directory “C:\Program Files (x86)\Project64.2.0\MemPaks” now?

Now go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Project64 2.0 and create a folder named MemPaks. Now you are good to go. Source: this awesome guy.

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