26 Zelda Stocking Stuffers for Under $26

If there a Zelda fan on your Christmas shopping list, or you are just looking for a nice Hyrulian gift for yourself, then this is the place to start. We have gathered 26(ish) Legend of Zelda themed products to fill your stockings this Christmas, all for under $26.

If you have already found the perfect Zelda gift for this Christmas, let us know in the comments.

 Wind Waker Dictionary Art $5

elda Dictionary Art WindWaker

This is one of a few gorgeous Zelda and general gaming based dictionary art prints available from this etsy shop. Be sure to check them all out here.

Dark Hylian Shield Necklace $10

Dark Hylian Shield

This awesome little 2.25″ x 2.75″ Dark shield necklace has a 3.5″ Master Sword that is entirely removable. The normal color version of the Sword and Shield is also available for those who don’t want to join the dark side. Here are some more cute Zelda themed pieces of Jewelry.

Zelda Heart Necklace $15

Zelda Heart Container Necklace

Rupee Earrings $20

Zelda Rupee Earrings

Kokiri Forest Emerald $15

Zelda Kokiri Forest Emerald Necklace

 Also available is the Zoras Sapphire and the Gorons Ruby.

Now we just need somewhere to keep all  this jewelry…

Triforce Chest $20

Zelda Chest

This will do Nicely.

Playing Cards $15

Zelda Playing Cards

This deck of playing cards was an official Nintendo release to celebrate Zelda’s 25th yeah and features gorgeous artwork from The original Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker and Skyward Sword. But if these don’t take your fancy then perhaps the next set will.

Cards of Legend $15

Legend of Zelda Playing Cards

Check out our review of these fantastic playing cards here.

Rupee Pillows from $15
Zelda Rupee Pillows

Sadly, these are getting harder and harder to find as they sell out incredibly quickly. If you see them, be sure to act fast and snap them up or you will miss out.

Link Plush $10

Zelda Plushie

Seven inches of Link. Soft and Cuddly, but hard enough for battle at a moments notice.

32 Inch Twilight Princess Master Sword $12

Twilight Princess Sword

Admittedly you will need some rather large stockings to be able to fit this full sized 32 inch replica sword inside.

Wooden Shield $20 

Zelda Wooden Shield

Now that you have your Master Sword and Shield, you should be more than equipped for the end of the world. Or the Boxing day sales.

Heart Container Scented Soap $4
zelda heart container soap1

Scents available include bacon, pizza, lavender, or chocolate chip cookie. Keeping clean has never smelt so delicious.

Legend of Zelda Toilet Decal $11

zelda toilet decal

Because I am juvenile.

iPhone Case $6

iPhone Case

Because Link looks so damn cute hanging out of my pocket.

Hyrulian Mints $6

zelda mints

Because you can’t fight evil with bad breath.

Heart Earrings $15
zelda heart container earrings

Because Hearts!

The History of Hyrule- Hyrule Historia $21

Zelda Hyrule Historia-Coverzelda-hyrule historiamontage1

The only coffee table book any Legend of Zelda fan could ever want, Hyrule Historia is the official bible of the Zelda universe brought to us via Nintendo and Dark Horse Books. It is chock full of gorgeous artwork and the only official time line of the Legend of Zelda series. This is an absolute must for any Zelda fan.

Zelda Art Prints $11

Zelda Art Prints

These art prints are genuinely unique and utterly amazing. The etsy store selling these, Barrett Biggers, has to be one of the best places on the net to get some gloriously geeky art prints.

Link Panties from $22
zelda underwear

zelda a link to the past underwear

Now because the amount of people in a position to be admiring your geeky underwear should probably be kept a minimum, here are some shirts so you can proudly show the world your love of Zelda without fear of being arrested for public indecency.

Will Work for Rupees $17 

Will Work For RupeesLegend of Zombie $22

Legend of Zombie

Its Dangerous to Go Alone $20

Its Dangerous to go alone

Triforce Decal $1

Zelda Decal

This 4 inch (10cm) gold vinyl decal sticker is perfect for your car, iPad, or 3DS. It is available in a variety of colors, so you can match it to anything you want.

Triforce Zippo Lighters $23

Zelda Zippos

Available in Gold, Silver or Black. Use it to light your very own…

Handmade Link Pipe $20

Zelda Pipe

Yeah, ok, its actually pretty hard to light a pipe with a Zippo but it was too good a segue for me to ignore.

Now because I am generous and because I could not stop at a mere 26, here are a few more that I really liked. (Hint Hint Santa)

MacBook Decal $11

legend of zelda macbook decal

Fairy in a Bottle Necklace $8

Fairy in a Bottle

Ocarina $25

zelda ocarina

Link Onesie $24

zelda onesie

Because its dangerous to grow alone! Ok, I don’t feel great about that pun. Honestly I don’t feel great about making many puns, but lets be honest, if you even got this far you most likely arent even reading these comments, so I probably could get away with ending the list however I like without anyone (including the editor) ever knowing. Lets try it.

Chicken Farts.

Have a great Christmas everybody!

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