Periodic Beer Glass

Periodic Beer Glass

Beer, mans greatest creation, can only be improved upon by serving it in a container worthy of its frothy awesomeness. I think that this Periodic Beer Glass just about fits the bill perfectly.

D?s??t? wh?t th?s gl?ss sugg?sts, ??ur b??r probably sh?uld n?t ??nt??n ??th?r b?r?ll?um ?r ?rb?um. ?f ?t d??s, ??u really n??d t? s?r??usl? think about changing br?w?rs.

Y?u d?n’t h?v? t? b? ? ?h?m?str? n?rd t? l?k? b??r, it might help for you to better appreciate it, but beer is for one and all of us. ???h periodic beer gl?ss h?lds around 16 ?z ?f ??ur f?v?r?t? beer or beery like liquid.

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