Superman Caped Underwear

Superman Caped Underwear

Show off your Man of Steel with this fun pair of Superman Caped Briefs. With a Superman logo on the front and a cape on the back, never has a pair of underwear been so heroic. Except maybe for Ron Jeremy’s underwear, the amount of weight they have to hold up on a daily basis is a fairly heroic effort.

If briefs aren’t your thing, then maybe a nice snug pair of Superman Underpants will hit the spot. Again, a nice Superman S rides on the front of the package, with a cape attached by very superheroic velcro to the back. I wonder how hard you would have to pass wind to actually make the cape flutter about all heroically?

superman caped underpants

Remember kids, real superheros never gamble on a fart, the cost of loss is far too much for humanity to bear.

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