Skull and Crossbones Wax Stamp

skull and crossbones wax stamp

From now on, whenever I post out my bills to the electricity company I shall seal them with this Skull & Crossbones Wax Seal Stamp to let them know exactly what I think about them.

As well as being a good way to show my disdain for the utility companies, this is also a great way to personalize your Halloween Party Invitations, and hand made spells you have scrawled on parchment, invites to general pirate parties. Really, once you get it I am sure that you will be embellishing everything you can with your Skull and Crossbones wax seal!

One small tip, this is probably not the wax stamp to use on your wedding invitations, no matter how funny you think it is I can guarantee you that your fiancee and her family wont think it funny at all.

This wax seal works best with with Traditional, Bead, and Faux Sealing Wax.


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