Zelda Heart Container Soap

zelda heart container soap1

Restore your Hygiene In a most Hyrulian fashion with some Zelda Heart Container Soaps.

These handmade soaps are hypo-allergenic, free of all parabens and fully biodegradable, so now even the most allergic of geeks has no excuse not to wash.

But wait, it gets even better. These soaps are fully hand made and the maker offers you the choice of what scent you would like the soap to come in. As well as many others these scents include Bacon, Baby Powder, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Clean Sheets, Coffee Bean, Cola, and Pizza.

Thats right Bacon or Pizza scented geek soaps. Could they get any better? The answer is yes.

Be sure to check the makers shop SmallThingsForSale out if geeky scented soaps are your thing as they have a full array of soaps from many different gaming and geeky universes including:

Zelda Rupee Soaps

Doctor Who Tardis and Dalek Soaps Super Mario Star Soaps

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