Zelda Heart Container Necklace

Zelda Heart Container Necklace

This hand crafted Zelda Heart Container Necklace is one of those things that if it were it given to me by someone else, I think I would be utterly theirs forever. Unfortunately for me I saw it first and could not help but buy it for myself. I think this means that I am now betrothed to myself.

The Necklace is hand made with some fantastically beautiful heartwork on the front and is seated with a solid little plate of metal on the back, then adorned with a crystal clear glass dome on the front of it. This dome magnifies the heart inside and brings a real illusion of depth, just like I imagine they would look in Hyrule.

Take note that the necklace is water resistant, but not water proof, ss if the water temple wasn’t hard enough. Also keep in mind that these are just the pendants themselves, they do not come with a necklace chain, so be sure to keep that in mind.

The seller has another Zelda Heart Container Necklace, pictured below, which you can find here and also has any number of cute pendants including a number of Game of Throne based ones, so be sure to check them out.

zelda heart container pendant.



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