Jack Daniels Whiskey Filled Chocolate

Jack Daniels Whiskey Filled Chocolate
This Jack Daniels Whiskey Filled Chocolate means that now you don’t have to put down your drink in order to have some chocolate. But its not just alcoholics that will love this, lovers of Chocolate will surely adore the wonderful pairing up of the distinctive smooth flavor of one the most famous drinks of all, that Tennessee Sippin’ Whiskey with the pure unadulterated taste of the most premium of Swiss Milk Chocolate which is sourced from the happiest cows on earth. Apparently they keep the cows happy by plying them with the first half of this recipe, and as everyone knows, there is nothing on earth happier than a drunk cow.

I cannot express my love for this in mere normal speech patterns, so I shall place on my head my poets hat (spoiler: its a beret) and let my heart speak of the wonders of these Gold Wrapped Jack Daniels Filled Chocolate.

Buy one for your dad, for your brother or  lover
Watch them indulge as they would with no other
Slip him into their mouth, let their tongues slowly meet
The love of the Jack Daniels, with chocolate so sweet

So, I only had half a packet, but it seems that these things seem to do the job of getting oneself intoxicated, as I do seem to have a tendency to become poetic only when I am filled to the gills. 10/10.


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