Breaking Bad Personalized Pint Glasses

breaking bad personalised pint glasses

Its over. Its finally over. What do I do now? Meth? No, that show scared me right off ever wanting anything to do with meth.

I guess the only thing left to do is to drink myself to death.

Happily I will be able to do it with one of these two Breaking Bad Personalized Pint Glasses.

No, we should be happy. Breaking Bad was one of those incredibly special shows where it got to end directly on its own terms. It wasn’t cancelled early before it got to its natural conclusion, and it didn’t drag on to the point of irrelevance until it jumped the shark.

We we all part of something very special my friends, so instead of drowning our sorrows with these Breaking Bad Pint Glasses, let us use them to raise a toast. A toast to one of the most special Television shows of our time.

Cheers Vince!

Im still sad though.

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