Five Pounds of Rust


The internet still never fails to surprise. While browsing Amazon today, looking for Christmas gifts for my family members, I stumbled upon something that I never thought I would come across in any store. Anywhere. Five pounds of Rust for $14.

It turns out that Rust, or Iron Oxide, has a number of practical applications in dying pigments, paint, ceramics and other areas.

But I think the best possible application that this could have is giving this as a Christmas present for the family member that has annoyed me the most this year. “Oh, another pair of socks that are too big, thank you so much Mr Father-In-Law, I’m not sure what message you are trying to send to me with these, but let me reciprocate with this giant bag of rust. As soon as I saw it I though of you…”

Personally I find it most amusing that you can buy of five pounds of rust from Amazon. You really can get anything from them.

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