Mustache Wine Charms

Mustache Wine Charms

Wine Mustache MarkersIs there any party classier than a mustache party? Perhaps a wine party, so it stands to reason that the only way to make a wine party classier is to add mustaches. Mustache Wine Parties Ahoy!

So during your mustache wine party, it is imperative that you find an effective way to distinguish your wine glass from everybody else’s, and what better way than with these fun little Silicone Mustache Wine Charms from Kikkerland.

This is a set of 6 different silicone mustaches that stick like magic to your wine glass, and come off with sublime ease. Apart from being stupid good fun and cuter than a box full of kittens riding puppies, these are so much better than the regular noisy wine charms that announce to the world every single time that you are trying to take a sneaky sip of wine to fuel your rampant alcoholism.

So do yourself a favor and make your next party a Mustache Party!

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