Robot Tea Infuser

robot tea infuser

This annoying cute Robot Tea infuser is one of the most unique and dare we say it, fun tea infusers we have seen. Trust me when I say that it feels very odd indeed to be calling anything to do with making tea “fun”. His little robot arms and hands are movable and allow him to be at home on mugs and cups of all shapes and sizes.

Mr Robotea, as we like to call him, comes with his own little drip tray to ensure that he has a place to leave his mess after he is done infusing his delicious goodness into your cup.

As with all robots, Mr Robotea is super easy to clean up, just pop him open and everything comes out easily.

Before all you robo-terians out there take up arms, let me ensure you that no robots were harmed in the taking of these photos or cups of tea. While it may look like he is drowning, take our word for it, he is having the time of his life.

Robot Tea Infuser

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