Scrabble Board Drink Coasters

Scrabble Board Drink Coasters

These Scrabble Tile drink coasters combine two of my absolute favorite things in the world. Scrabble and Drinking. Never again shall your drinking leave you at a loss for words.

These coasters measure in at 4″ by 4″ per coaster, and each is worth on average a good 22 points, so next time you are stuck for words in a game of Scrabble or Words With Friends, plonk one of these bad boys down and bask in the glow of your superior vocabulary. As long as no one notices that your superior vocabulary doesn’t extend to words longer than four letters.

This is a set of 4 coasters, and if you ask the creator nicely, they will spell out whatever words that your heart desires, as long as they are four letters long. Happily for me, some of my favorite words are exactly four letters long.

My favorite is the F word.


Faux is a great word, and one of the few French words to be adopted by the English language but remain spoken in its original French pronunciation. Spigot is another one, but I feel like I have drifted a long way from the original topic.

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