Bacon Soap


Bacon Soap

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??w m?n? t?m?s h?s th? f?ll?w?ng s??n?r?? h????n?d t? ??u? Y?u w?k? u? l?t? ?nd h?v? t? ??m?r?ss ??ur m?rn?ng r?ut?n? ?nt? ? m?tt?r ?f m?nut?s. ?n ?rd?r t? g?t f?d ?nd ?l??n, ??u sh?w?r ?nd ??t br??kf?st ?t th? s?m? t?m?. Y?u ?l?s? ??ur ???s t? ?r?v?nt s??? fr?m g?tt?ng ?n, ?nd l?th?r u?. ??? b?d ??u gr?bb?d s?m? b???n ?nst??d ?f th? s???; n?w ??u ?r? ?v?n gr??s??r th?n b?f?r? ??ur sh?w?r. Y?u f??l n?st?, but sm?ll d?l????us. ?nd th?t’s h?w ??u h?v? t? g? t? w?rk. ?ust th?nk: ?f ??u h?d s?m? ????n ???? ??u ??uld h?v? th?t s??nt ?f b???n, w?th?ut r?sk?ng ?ll th? m??r?b?s ?ss????t?d w?th rubb?ng ??ur n?k?d b?d? w?th r?w ??rk ?r?du?ts.

Bacon Soap?nd n?w ??u f?n?ll? ??n h?v? th?t ????n ???? ??u’v? l?ng?d f?r ?ll th?s? ???rs. ?t’s m?rbl?d l?k? r??l b???n. ?t sm?lls l?k? r??l b???n. ?nd wh?l? ?t d??sn’t t?st? l?k? r??l b???n (trust us), ?t sur? d??s ? b?d? g??d. ? d?rt? b?d?, th?t ?s. ???k u? ? f?w b?rs f?r ??u ?nd ??ur fr??nds. ???h b?r ?f ????n ???? ??m?s ?n ? r?tr?, m?t?l t?n, wh??h m?k?s ?t l??k gr??t n??r ??ur s?nk ?nd ??rf??t f?r g?ft g?v?ng. ????n ???? – b???us? b???n b?l?ngs ?n ??ur b?th!

Team this up with our very sensual Bacon Lube for the ultimate in naughty bacon fun.

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