Game of Thrones Cookbook

Game of Thrones Cookbook A feast of fire and ice

Have you ever wondered how Samwell Tarly and George R.R. Martin got as large as they did? Well now you can find out yourself with the Official Game of Thrones Cookbook, A Feast of Fire and Ice. Have you ever wanted to share ? lemon cake with ??ns? ?t?rk, enjoy pork pies made by a giant rat, or indulge in succulent h?n?? f?ng?rs w?th D??n?r?s ??rg?r??n?
? ?r????t of passion created by su??rf?ns ?nd ?m?t?ur ?h?fs ?h?ls?? ??nr??-??ss?l ?nd ??r??nn L?hr?r—?nd ?nd?rs?d b? the man himself, G??rg? R. R. ??rt?n—? F??st ?f ??? ?nd F?r? l?v?ngl? r??l???t?s ? stunn?ng r?ng? ?f ?u?s?n?s fr?m ??r?ss th? ??v?n ??ngd?ms ?nd b???nd. Fr?m th? sum?tu?us d?l??????s ?n????d ?n th? h?lls ?f ??w?r ?t ??ng’s L?nd?ng, t? th? w?rm ?nd sm?k? ??mf?rt f??ds ?f th? fr?z?n ??rth, t? th? r??h, ???t?? f?r? ?f th? m?st?r??us l?nds ??st ?f W?st?r?s, th?r?’s ? fl?v?r f?r ?v?r? ??l?t?, ?nd ? tr??t f?r ?v?r? ?h?f.
The book is chock full of easy to follow recipes transformed from their Westerosi counterparts to easy to understand for the modern chef, but ?dv?ntur?us ??t?rs ??n ?ls? ?tt?m?t th? ?uth?nt?? m?d??v?l m??ls th?t ?ns??r?d th?m. ?h? ?uth?rs h?v? ?ls? sugg?st?d subst?tut??ns f?r s?m? ?f th? m?r? f?nt?st???l ?ngr?d??nts, s? ??u w?n’t h?v? t? st??k ??ur k?t?h?n w?th ??m?l, l?v? d?v?s, ?r dr?g?n ?ggs t? ?r??t? m??ls f?t f?r ? k?ng (?r ? kh?l??s?). ?n ?ll, ? F??st ?f ??? ?nd F?r? ??nt??ns m?r? th?n 100 r?????s, d?v?d?d b? r?g??n:

• ?h? W?ll: R??k ?f L?mb ?nd ??rbs; ??rk ???; ?utt?n ?n ?n??n-?l? ?r?th; ?ull?d W?n?; ???s? ??rr?dg?

• ?h? ??rth: ???f ?nd ????n ???; ??n???d ?h??k?n; ?ur??hs w?th R??st?d L??ks; ??k?d ???l?s

• ?h? ??uth: ?r??m ?w?ns; ?r?ut Wr????d ?n ????n; ?t?w?d R?bb?t; ??st?r’s ?t?w; ?lu?b?rr? ??rt

• ??ng’s L?nd?ng: L?m?n ??k?s; Qu??ls Dr?wn?d ?n ?utt?r; ?lm?nd ?rust?d ?r?ut; ??wls ?f ?r?wn; ???d ??lk w?th ??n??

• D?rn?: ?tuff?d Gr??? L??v?s; Du?k w?th L?m?ns; ?h??k??? ??st?

• ??r?ss th? ??rr?w ???: ??s?u?ts ?nd ????n; ??r?sh? ??n?? F?ng?rs; W?nt?r ??k?s; ??n??-?????d L??usts

Breakfast On the Wall

A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook

?h?r?’s ?v?n ? gu?d? t? d?n?ng ?nd ?nt?rt??n?ng ?n th? st?l? ?f th? ??v?n ??ngd?ms. ??h?ust?v?l? r?s??r?h?d ?nd r?v?r?ntl? d?t??l?d, ????m??n??d b? ??ss?g?s fr?m ?ll f?v? b??ks ?n th? s?r??s ?nd full-??l?r ?h?t?gr??hs gu?r?nt??d t? wh?t ??ur ????t?t?, th?s ?s th? ??m??n??n t? th? bl??kbust?r ?h?n?m?n?n th?t m?ll??ns ?f st?m??hs h?v? b??n gr?wl?ng f?r. ?nd r?m?mb?r, w?nt?r ?s ??m?ng—s? d?n’t b? ?fr??d t? ?ut ?n ? f?w extra pounds.

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