Portal Companion Cube Ice Tray

Portal Companion Ice Cube Tray

Do you ever see something and immediately your mind shuts down and just shouts WANT, well this is the first thing in a long time that has actually broken my brain like that. These Portal 2 companion cube ice trays are the very epitome of WANT.

TPortal Companion chocolate Cube Trayhese silicone molds each make 10 tiny little companion ice cubes, or if the mood takes you chocolate companion cubes. Or white chocolate companion cubes, mmmm. Or vodka infused jelly shot companion cubes, to get that geek party started. The possibilities are ENDLESS. Well, not endless, but there are thousands. Well, maybe not thousands, but there are a few.

These companion cube ice trays are made from food safe silicone, but be warned, they are dangerously cute. Use at your own risk.


Portal Companion Ice Cube Tray

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