DOMO Toaster

DOMO Toaster

Domo helps you say farewell to eating boring old plain toast, and hello to DOMO TOAST, toast with feeling!

This Domo toaster puts the face of everyones favorite strange creature right onto your bread, so you can start the day the best possible way, with Domo.

Be not afraid though, your toast shall not be burnt by the face of the Domo, it shall only be as cooked as thou prefers it. If one want ones Domo toast light brown, then all one needs to do is set the toaster to low and light brown it shall be! Praise the Domo! Feel no guilt as you baste your Domo bread with butter as Domo loves butter, but feed him no apples. Never apples.

I don’t know what kind of person puts apples on toast, but I’m sure someone out there does.



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