Roast My Weenie



Because someone, somewhere thought to themselves, “Hey, these hot dogs just aren’t phallic enough, how can we fix that” and thusly the world was blessed with Roast my Weenie.

cthulhu weenie roaster

These stainless steel chaps will allow you to cook your weenie without having to rest it upon the filthy grill, although you may have to ask people to look away when you have to grip and turn the weenie to make sure it cooks on both sides.

In addition to Mr Weenies powerful heat proof knob, his arms can be bent and used to cook additional items, and the nameplate at the bottom can be customised to say whatever you want it to.

Check out their weenie roaster store for plenty of other fun weenie roasters much as Marsha Mella, Weenie Dog and the Cthulhu Roaster. Fun for the whole family!


funny weenie roasters

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