Breast Milk Lollipops

breast milk lollipops

Lollipop makers Lollyphile specialize in making unusual flavored lollipops aimed at adults, with flavors ranging from Chocolate Bacon to Absinth,  but they have outdone themselves with their latest addition to their range, Breast Milk flavoured lollipops.

The Breast Milk lollipops are sadly not made from actual human breast milk, but are created from animal products. Happily it is vegan friendly, for those vegans out there who don’t get enough breast milk flavored items in their diet.

I wonder how much breast milk the taste testers had to go through before they got the taste right, and more importantly, where they got it from. Is there a dairy out there somewhere with a bunch of mothers  hooked up to milking machines, or was it all done by hand. So many questions.

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