Don’t Starve


Don't Starve

If you like macabre survival games where the main objective is to not die then this should make you very happy. Don’t Starve is a fun little survival game released  for the PC a few weeks ago by Klei Entertainment. The main objective of the game is to Not Die. Didn’t see that coming did you?


Though you can make it hard for yourself…

Dont StarveLike many of its survival game predecessors, the first time you play Don’t Starve you will more than likely die. Not from starvation as the name suggests, but because you decided to brave the night instead of wasting precious wood on a fire, whereupon you are engulfed in darkness and immediately eaten by a Grue. The game is beautiful, the game is harsh, but oh boy is game the fun.

The games and character dialogue are minimal to nonexistent, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be engrossed in this Tim Burton-esque world. Everything feels satisfying, from collecting enough flint to make your first axe, to crafting your first trap and catching a rabbit in it. Every little step forward and every new piece of gear that you create is immensely gratifying as the game doesn’t hand you anything on a platter, you have to work for every single morsel of food.

What makes this even more gripping is the fact that once you die, it’s all over. Back to the start screen. While this might seem harsh, thats the point, the world is a dangerous brutal place filled with pesky bee’s and surprisingly deadly frogs (seriously, watch out for the frogs).

dont starve release dateIt’s not just your health that you have to manage in don’t starve, you have to also keep an eye on your hunger and sanity metres. Food is often scarce to come by so you will be forced to scavenge many a berry and carrot before you build up enough tool’s to be able to kill stuff and move on to meat. Your sanity also depletes over time, and as it goes down you start to see hallucinations and shadows start to move in the creepiest of what it is. If you let your sanity me to get down to zero the shadows will attack you, but they are far from the only creatures you’ll come across in this wonderfully creepy world.

Don’t starve is a fantastic blending of survival, tool crafting, and exploration all wrapped up in a fantastically unique art style with some seriously catchy music, which you can buy Here.

The might not be for everybody, so it is lucky then that there is a free demo on chrome store that lets you play for half an hour completely uninhibited to see if the game is for you or not.



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