Bike Wheel Lights

 bike wheel lights


For anyone who likes a good bike ride at night, these Bicycle Wheel Lights are a great way to improve your odds of getting home alive, as well as looking damn cool while you are doing it.

bike wheel lights 2These Rimfire bike lights have red, green and blue LED lights which have 9 different settings of various light sequences. The incredibly bright LED lights can easily be spotted well from over half a mile away, so mom can have your tea ready and warm on the table as soon as you get in. Again, it does also have the advantage of reducing the odds of you being killed by a motorist. So, you know, thats good too.

These are easily installed any bike wheels of any size using simply a screwdriver and some man power. Unlike certain other lights, these do have to be activated by the user if you want them to work, but they do turn themselves off automatically once you are done with it.

Powered by common alkaline batteries rather than those fiddly little button buggers, these Bike Wheel Lights are a great and unique gift for you or your cyclist friend to  greatly improve your night time biking visibility.

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