Cat WHack a Mole

Long ago scientists unlocked the secrets of the universe to bring us the modern marvel that is the Internet. Silly self centred humans that we are, we thought that this would bring in a new age of human cooperation and closeness that would eventually bring mankind together in utopia. Little did we know that the internets primary use would soon become the distribution of cute cat pictures.

Cat WHack a MoleThe constant need for cute cat pictures has driven a huge surge in the cat toys and cute paraphernalia industry.  This is that industries latest attempt to provide a stable environment in which to harvest multiple cute cat pictures at a time to provide for the immense demand.

This 10 by 10 inch cat whack a mole provides hours of entertainment for your kitty, and most importantly, can be operated by one hand only, leaving one hand free to hold your camera or smartphone to take those all important cat pictures that Reddit and Stumbleupon demand a fresh supply of daily.

When the inevitable day arrives when the cats of the world all realise the pure and utter power that they have over us mere humans, and rise up and unite in power against us, this is what all the carnivals and pleasure hotels in the world will contain. Cat Whack A Moles, scratching posts and catnip. Catnip everywhere.

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