Bacon Condoms

Bacon Condoms


For all the literal Bacon Lovers out there, from the people who brought you Bacon Lube, and Bacon Roses comes the trifecta in the bacon lovers trilogy. Bacon Condoms.

bacon-condomBacon Condoms. For those of us who want to take our favorite thing in the world and make it taste like bacon.

Somewhere in here is a yo dawg joke about porking.

Bacon Condoms are proudly made in America (Where else?) and are made with the highest possible quality materials, so you can rest assured that your bacon condoms wont break in an awkward situation and leave you with a litter of piglets.

Apparently the word on the street is that these started out as an Aprils Fools joke, but where the public actually tried to order these en masse, the company JD’s decided to rush these bacon flavored condoms out to the world.

Bacon Flavoured Condoms, just when you think the world cant get any stranger.

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