Back Hair Shaver

back hair shaver


For those of us who were raised by bears, this comes just in time for mothers day. Or for all the folk out there who were raised by normal parents, the Mangroomer do it yourself electric back hair shaver is a godsend.

mangroomerNo longer shall your hirsute father or partner be forced to suffer the indignity of having to get his least favorite family member to shave his unreachables for him, the Mangroomer is here to save the day. The Mangroomer (I really love that name) is a lightweight easy to use electric shaving kit designed to allow people to shave their back with the greatest of ease. Notice I say people, rather than just men, because although you might not think it possible, a day on the beach in Venice Beach taught me that women can be hairy too. Scary Hairy. A very hairy scary bear.

Mangroomer, turns those unreachable hairy bits, into loveable touchable bits.

shaved bear

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