Zelda Heart Container Earrings

zelda heart container earrings

zelda heart container ear rings

These Zelda Heart Container Earrings are the perfect gift for the Zelda fan in your life. Each heart container is about the size of a penny, but the ability to be able to have an extra life heart is priceless. Well, $15 anyway.
Zelda fans with sensitive ears rejoice! These are made with hypoallergenic ear wires. If that simply isn’t good enough, each of these is handmade so if you want sterling silver ear wires you need but pay an extra $2 for the luxury.

chain chomp earringshylian shield earringsThis etsy seller also sells a number of other Gaming and general nerd related jewelry, so if Zelda doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about some Chain Chomp earrings  The perfect gift for the Van Gogh or Mike Tyson lover in your life. I’m sure there is a huge overlap in those two markets.

Check these and more out Here.

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