Pacifier Mustache

pacifier mustache

The Pacifier Mustache is bringing the killer mo back in style baby!

Crafted from child grade food safe silicone and non toxic materials, this dummy will shut your kids up, as well as providing a much needed outlet for parents to mock their children.

baby mustacheBefore buying this, it is important that your baby develops an deep appreciation of the time and commitment that a mustache is. Its not all Burt Reynolds look alike contests and swimsuit models, no. There are hours and hours of patient trimming and crafting that go with the massive responsibility that is a mustache.When there is a fire people will automatically look to the nearest person with a mustache to save them and their possessions. Women will swoon and expect to be caught at the very sight of a mustache.

Did you know that in India, police officers are often encouraged to grow a mustache because it makes them look more authoritative.

So I guess the real question is, Is your baby ready for a mustache?

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