Blood Bath Shower Curtain

Bloody Shower CurtainFrom the people that brought you the completely mental blood bath mat, we have something new splattered with blood for the whole family to enjoy, the Blood Bath Shower Curtain.

For a shower curtain that is perpetually stained with blood, it might seem odd to praise its stain resistance, but this shower curtain is certainly hardy when it comes to stains. The high build quality certainly helps with resisting stains and discoloration, but sadly it doesn’t seem thick enough to stop a knife or chainsaw of any sort. We would love to give this 5 stars for the fun novelty factor alone, but sadly we were all killed when a chainsaw wielding manic broke in and killed us all during our daily staff showers.

Happily it still did not stain, sadly I died before the boss could finish sponging me off.

4 out of 5.

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