Bible Flask

bible flask

Bible Flasks – Its how nuns and priests relax after a long day on their knees.

This 4 oz flask hidden in a bible is the perfect way to enjoy church, or the perfect way to prank someone on christmas day. Can you imagine the look on your face if someone gave you a bible as a gift? You would likely want a stiff drink after that.

bikers bible flask

If this is perhaps far too holy for your liking, how about this Bikers Bible flask, because, as we all know if there is one thing that a biker never leaves home without, it is his bible.

Its a bit bigger at 8 ounces and come with the added bonus of not having a great big crucifix on front.

Perfect for Vampires and Bikers, or just anyone who enjoys a good swig of the devils juice with the bonus added sacrilegiousness of drinking it from a bible.

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