Ghost Rider Bottle Opener

 Ghost Rider Bottle Opener

If there is one thing that Marvel does well it is movies … and bottle openers.

The Spirit of vengeance himself, the Ghost Rider has been channeled into a bottle cap remover. I’m pretty sure its what he would have wanted more than anything else.

This 4 inch bottle opener has magnets mounted on the back, so you can stick it to your motorcycle. Or fridge. Or, if you are a cybernetic version of the the Ghost Rider, you could just pop it on your chest. Whatever takes your fancy. Why a cybernetic religious fanatic would need a bottle opener, I don’t quite know, but its better to have one and not need it right?

nic cage bottle opener head On a mildly related note, if you have some time to spare check out It is a quiet place for contemplation and worship of the worlds One True God.


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