The Drunken Botanist

the Drunken Botanist

Be it Religious wars, Racism, Sexism, Human beings all over the world seem to be far more occupied focusing on the things that separate us than the things that unite us. These people really need to remember that we all have one important thing in common.

We all love a good drink.

Japan took their rice and made Sake. The Scots took their  barley and make a drink so powerful they couldn’t think of a proper name for it, so they settled on Scotch. The Mexicans Even found a way to make Agave alcoholic, and from henceforth the world was blessed with tequila.

The Drunken Botanist explores the roots of your favorite liquors, but far more than just the the history behind the drinks. This book explores the biology, chemistry and the mixology behind your favorite source of drunkenness.

And sources there are a plenty, I never realised just how many resourceful we humans are at getting plastered. Herbs, spices, nuts, trees, flowers, even a tree that dates back to the dinosaurs, are all used in various ways to make alcohol. We truly are MacGyver’s at getting drunk.

Fascinating and full of recipes, The Drunken Botanist is a must read for anyone who has ever looked at their drink and thought “What the hell is in that”

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