domo bunny

Domo-kun has bunny ears and is ready for Easter eggs. Many Easter eggs. ALL the Easter eggs! Unless they are apple flavored Easter eggs, but then, who would do such a thing.

This 9 inch Domo spring Bunny Plush has poseable ears, and a smile that lights up a room and makes everyone super happy. Domo,

For Anya and the rest of those of us who are terrified by bunnies, perhaps a Bumblebee Domo would be more to your liking. He is $12 from here and friendly and not at all stingy. Domo.

For those of you who are new at keeping Domo’s around the house, Domo cannot eat apples due to a genetic abnormality, but he does love meat and potato stew, and rice that make you grow big and strong (but not too big). Be warned though, that when Domo becomes upset, he has a terrible tendency to pass gas in a most upsetting way. Domo.



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